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Yigit Wins “Top Chef: Just Desserts”

It has been just under three months since we were introduced to the overly emotional, whiney collective that made up the contestants of the reality television show, “Top Chef: Just Desserts,” and what a ride it’s been. From the outset, we came to realize that this bunch of misfits, albeit extremely talented in the art of baking, were very much a histrionic bunch.

Yigit Pura

The finale was no different from what we’ve been fed throughout the season.

“Throughout this competition, I’ve had a lot of good days, I’ve had a couple of bad days, but this is the finale and that’s why there can’t be any mistakes made,” Yigit said.

Then he complained that Morgan’s setting for the air conditioner had worsened his cold. Naturally.

Morgan expressed his delight that Zac was no longer in the competition, not because he saw him as direct competition, but proclaimed that “he’s an annoying little fairy.”

Way to keep it classy, Morgan.

A ‘date’ with Yigit’s desserts

The final challenge was to create a progressive four course dessert tasting. Yigit took the judges out for a “date” with his desserts.

Working with Chef Sherry he played it safe by keeping in mind previous criticism from the judges so he wouldn’t go ‘over the top.’

His desserts were: cucumber lime sorbet with Straus yogurt caviar pearls; strawberry sorbet and lemongrass-ginger ice cream with berry meringue and consommé; muscovado braised pineapple and coconut cake; ending with hazelnut dacquoise, milk jam, and salted caramel ice cream.

Primary colors for Morgan

Primary colors were the theme for Morgan’s dishes: a fruit cannoli with mango carpaccio and tarragon jelly; blueberry Pavlova with lemon cream in citrus chamomile broth and pearls; Manjari soufflé cake with raspberry sorbet and cocoa nib pap; and, white pepper crème brûlée, black pepper baumkuchen and blackberry anise macaron.

Morgan’s high tech terminology rant confused Chef Claudia…calcium lactate, what? Morgan, even Google doesn’t know what that means. It was apparent that there were major differences in technique between the two.

Desserts Danielle would like to eat

Danielle chose a menu of desserts that she would like to eat: cake with Spanish goat cheese and fig jam; lemon parfait, pomelo and tangerine sorbet and moscato granita; baked Alaska, strawberry sundae, and a root beer float; ending with a chocolate pudding cake and pistachio ice cream.

Without a doubt the judges were impressed with all 12 desserts laid out by the contestants. Gail Simmons said to Danielle, “I love your honey candy, I just want to follow you around and make you make me honey candy.”

‘I was wrong, dead wrong.’

And Johnny’s skepticism of Yigit’s muscovado braised pineapple and coconut cake proved to be misplaced, “I thought the pineapple was awesome. When you told me it was braised for 5-hours, I was, like, there goes the acidity, but I was wrong. I was dead wrong.”

Despite the comments from the judges, there could only be one winner, Yigit. With Danielle’s limited skills and Morgan’s failed soufflés, the judges were most impressed with Yigit’s “masterful, fresh, and clean” date night metaphor.

With $100,000 in the bank, courtesy of Godiva Chocolatier, Yigit promised us that this would not be the last time that we would heard from him.

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