10 Fabulous, frugal holiday party ideas

Friends bringing wine to Christmas party

6Cut corners on bread

You can save by using Pepperidge Farm or New York Texas Toast or opt for the fluffy Pillsbury Crescents rolls. By sprinkling some parmesan cheese or adding a dash of pepper flakes you can tailor this meal to your liking.

7Save money with a theme party

Many people may not understand how this makes sense but Gault came up with several themes parties that end up saving the host time and money

A re-gifting party is a great way of getting rid of a gift that you aren’t going to use but someone else may want. Everyone who brings a present they are re-gifting can participate in the swap.

Dip parties make a lot of sense and give guests the opportunity to feel like they are contributing without spending a lot of money. A couple great dip ideas are guacamole, taco dip, crab dip, spinach and artichoke drip, onion dip, homemade hummus or chili cheese dip.

Bulk potluck dinners add a twist to the original potluck dinner idea. Guests can bring their contributions in bulk and at the end of the night everyone can divvy up what is left and people can leave with goodie bags. Also, leave out index cards and guests can exchange recipes so they can make their friends treat even after they leave the party.

Alcohol can get expensive but having a holiday wine night takes the cost off the host and lets all guests sample different types of wine. Encourage guests to bring their favorite beverage and have a wine tasting in your own home.

If you are strapped for cash, you can still host a nice holiday party on a limited budget. Here are a few more ways you can spend less on the party details.

8Send out e-vites

Don’t spend money (or waste paper) on traditional invitations. Instead, send out e-vite invitations through evite.com (or even through social networking sites like Facebook). Though email invitations used to be considered tacky, in today’s internet-savvy world they are commonplace and almost expected.

9Serve a signature drink

Instead of spending money on a full bar or multiple types of wine, pick a signature drink for your holiday party. Buy the liquor and other ingredients in bulk for your special cocktail. Have plenty of iced tea, water and coffee on hand for those who don’t want to drink alcohol.

10Keep decorations simple

You don’t have to buy any new decorations for you holiday party, just use what you have. Christmas lights will set the festive mood. Add a few wreaths, candles and other holiday items around your home or party venue and you’ll be set.

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