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How to plan a holiday block party

A block party is a fantastic opportunity to get together with your neighbors. It’s fun to spend time with those you know, as well as get to know your new neighbors around the holidays. Plan a holiday block party in your neighborhood by following these simple steps.

Santa at a block party

1Put together a committee

You will probably need some help with organizing the party. Therefore, you should put together a committee of three to four people who will handle most of the planning. Get together with the committee and discuss possible dates, food choices, entertainment ideas and other details. Decide if you are going to charge a fee to cover the cost of food, drinks, tables, chairs, music, decorations and other party necessities. You should also consider a potluck, rather than catering the event.

2Choose your date

Selecting a date around the holidays can be difficult because families will often have their own plans on the weekends preceding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Consider a date at the beginning of December, perhaps the first Saturday of the month.

3Start planning early

A few weeks before the party, handout flyers announcing the theme, date and time of the party. When you hand-deliver each flyer, you can gauge the interest of your neighbors and get an idea of who will be attending. Once you have your estimate head count, you can start to figure out how much food and other items you’ll need for the party.

4Make it legal

Contact your local police department to find out if you need a permit to throw a block party. Even if you don’t need a permit, it’s good for the police to know what’s going on and perhaps even help you block the streets during the party.


Don’t try to do everything yourself. Put each member of the committee in charge of a certain aspect of the party — food, decorations, entertainment, etc. One person should be responsible for calling each neighbor the week before the party to confirm their attendance.

6Don’t forget the kids

If your neighborhood has several kids, find ways to make them a part of the holiday block party. You can organize a gift exchange, arrange a visit from Santa, or set up sports competitions or games for the children. If you want to give the parents more opportunity to mingle, arrange for a babysitter to watch any kids that attend the party.

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