Celebrate National Sandwich Day with free food!

Nov 2, 2010 at 5:37 p.m. ET

National Sandwich Day is Nov. 3! Celebrate this special day with free food available at select restaurants nationwide.

National Sandwich Day is Nov. 3

It's finally here.

Tomorrow, Nov. 3, is the day we celebrate the world's most perfect food creation: the sandwich.

You thought it was National Chocolate Day, right? Nope, that was last week.

Meaty history

National Sandwich Day falls every year on Nov. 3 which, coincidently, is the birthday of the most important figure in history: sandwich inventor John Montagu, better known as the Earl of Sandwich.

The legend says that the 18th century nobleman wanted to eat his meal with one hand while gambling, so he instructed his minions to put the meat before two slices of bread. He loved his creation and the sandwich was born.

Celebrate sandwiches

National Sandwich Day is the perfect time to celebrate this innovation with -- what else? -- a sandwich! Several restaurants are getting in on the celebration by offering free or inexpensive sandwiches. Check out a few of the deals.

Noodles & Company -- Certain Noodles & Company locations are offering free sandwiches in honor of the day. Check out all the details on their Facebook page.

Arby's -- Select Arby's restaurants in Richmond, Va. are offering a free order of curly fries with purchase of a sandwich. Check out their website for details.

R.J. Grunts -- This Chicago restaurant is offering a unique way to earn free food. A Blackjack dealer will roam the tables at the restaurant and invite patrons to play. The player at each table with the winning hand gets his sandwich on the house.

NY54 Pizza -- This Chandler, Ariz. Restaurant is offering 35 percent off sandwiches.

Know of any more deals in honor of National Sandwich Day? Share the wealth and let us know!

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