Why some food tv shows just don’t cut it

When it comes to food and cooking, creativity is a key ingredient, but originality is sweeter. To develop a dish that is unique will have you wanting more and that also rings true for television. In the world of reality food television there is, I would say, a saturation of the same kind of shows, for instance, Food Network’s “Meat & Potatoes” and “Food Feuds,” Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” and “Food Wars.” They all follow the same concept—to travel the country and dissect regional dishes, often pitting local restaurants against one another. As much as this is fascinating, especially when traveling, some shows just don’t cut it.

Man v. Food with Alan Richman

However, “Man v. Food” always gets the priority setting on my DVR. Adam Richman, with his big brother presence, is truly passionate about the food he eats and his season finale didn’t fail us.

Visiting Ann Arbor, MI, Richman finished off the season by paying a visit to Maize and Blue Delicatessen to sample the Triple Play Reuben, a grilled sandwich stacked with corned beef, cheese, slaw, and as usual, little to no veggies (Richman apparently doesn’t like green peppers, who knew?). As always, taking a bite from this thing took some acrobatic skills in actual eating. Adam Richman, until next season, we bid you adieu. Until you return, we’ll just have to settle for your inferior colleagues, unless of course we just catch repeats!

Television Staples

Did we all manage to catch our favorite shows this week? You know, the ones I told you to DVR? Good, I’m glad you took my advice. A few of us (I’m looking at you, Twitter) were a little surprised to see Erika booted from “Top Chef: Just Desserts.” Many people were expecting it to be Danielle with her somewhat, non dessert dessert in the form of three cookies spelling out 1-2-8, the anniversary of the “Los Angeles Times.” I wonder how much they paid for that promo?

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to watch “Private Chefs of Beverly Hills,” don’t you just love it? Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady of “The Brady Bunch”) made a somewhat embarrassing appearance in the latest episode. Apparently his model-wife doesn’t do food much, and with his vast knowledge of food, Knight wanted the chefs to expand her palette and thereby their married life. This, of course, was destined to fail—his plan, not the marriage. Now that “Peter’s” mom has been kicked from DWTS maybe we can close the door on all this Brady nonsense, please.

Until next time, keep watching and eating.

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