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Candy apple recipes

Candy apples are a traditional fall treat, but even the classics can benefit from an update. Make creative candy apples with your kids for a festive and healthy snack.

Candy apples

Smooth Coatings for Candy Apples

Everyone loves a red candy or caramel coating, but there are lots of other options to cover candy apples with. Plain dark, milk, and white chocolate are always delicious choices for your candy apples, or you can dress them up with a pinch of cinnamon or a spoonful of peanut butter. You can also layer a few different flavors on top of each other. For example, you can dip the apples in caramel then drizzle white and dark chocolate over the top.

Crunchy Coatings for Candy Apples

After the apple is covered with your choice of coating, there are a variety of options to dip your apple in from there. Any kind of crushed nut is a perfect option or any kind of crushed up candy bars (this is a great way to use up leftover Halloween candy). You can also dip them in mini-chocolate chips or M&M’s (found in the baking aisle). Peanut butter or white chocolate chips also are delicious. Think a little more outside the box though and use coconut flakes, sesame seeds, pretzels, marshmallows, flavored nuts, cookie crumbs, sprinkles, gummy bears, skittles, red hot candies, or of course a combination of any (or all) of the above.

Stuffed Candy Apples

One last way to make interesting candy apples is to stuff them. Simply cut out a circle from the bottom of the apple (saving the section to replace in the apple), scoop out a section of the apple, then fill the apple with caramel, melted chocolate, peanut butter, or a variety of other options. A homemade chocolate ganache mixed with caramel, peanut butter, nuts, or candy pieces works great and adds an element of surprise when you bite into it.


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