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Duda Farm Fresh Foods introduces red celery

Duda Farm Fresh Foods introduced their latest addition to their celery family last week. What is red celery and what makes it different?

Duda Farm Fresh Foods introduces Celery Sensations red celery

Looking to find a way to get your kids to eat celery? Why not give them red celery — it’s real and it’s coming soon to a produce section near you.

Duda Farm Fresh Foods recently unveiled their red celery at the Fresh Summit Trade Show in Florida and the conpany’s goal is to transform even picky eaters into veggie fans.

20 Years of research

Red celery is the result of 20 years of research, according to Duda Foods. In 1991, Horticulturist Larr Pierce, Ph.D. began work on a new variety of celery using traditional plant breed methods to cross-pollinate commercial celery with an old-world red celery root. The result? Red celery!

Now, red celery — sold under the brand name Celery Sensations — is available to give veggie lovers (and non-lovers) a superior brand of celery.

“We are so excited to unveil our red celery. It has the same great crisp fresh flavor as regular celery with added crunch that consumers like so much,” Dan Duda, president of Duda Farm Fresh Foods, said.

Celery and technology: match made in veggie heaven

Celery Sensations red celery will be sold with packaging outfitted with Microsoft Tags technology. This high-capacity color barcode will contain coded information that consumers can access by scanning the URL tag with their smart phones. The information will provide consumers with product information, storage tips and recipes and meal suggestions.


We’re looking forward to trying it out with peanut butter — wonder if it’ll taste the same!



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