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Foods that curb holiday cravings

As soon as Halloween arrives, your holiday food cravings kick into high gear and continue through the holiday season until January 1 when you guiltily vow to go on a diet and lose the 10 pounds you gained. Instead of succumbing to festive food binges, take a bite of the following foods that curb holiday cravings.

Almond and pistachios




Being thirsty can actually manifest itself in erroneous hunger pangs that drive you to eat when you aren’t even really hungry. Start every day with a glass of water with a wedge of lemon and continue to hydrate until sundown. Aim for eight, 8-ounce, glasses of water to aid in metabolism and ward off the need to nibble.


Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, eggs are a quality source of protein that will keep your blood sugar stable, especially when paired with a piece of whole wheat toast or other whole grain. They also will kick those holiday cravings. Eat eggs for breakfast, wedged onto a salad, or deviled as a filling first course.


Another stellar source of protein, salmon may seem like the last thing you’d want to eat when your carb cravings arise, but a serving of this buttery tasting, omega-3 rich fish will leave you far more satisfied and less likely to reach for the miniature candy bars.


Keep a handful of almonds, pistachios, or other nuts within reach to nosh when you start to fiend for holiday junk food. Loaded with healthy fats and a healthy balance of carbohydrates and protein, nuts are a wholesome source of yummy taste and crunchy texture that will keep cravings at bay.


Cravings often crop up when you’re idling between meals. If it’s too early to have a substantial sit down meal, reach for a small container of plain yogurt and stir in some fresh fruit. The combination of creamy and natural sweetness will keep you satisfied until you can fill your belly with a wholesome meal.


If you’re craving something creamy, purée kidney beans into a hummus. If you’ve got a yen for crunch, toss garbanzo beans with olive oil and seasonings and roast until just crisp. Need a real meal? Simmer up a bean and leafy green soup. The protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in beans will help fend off holiday cravings.

7Sweet potatoes

One of nature’s sweetest veggies, sweet potatoes can satisfy a sweet tooth without adding a glut of sugar or calories to your diet. Curb your carb cravings by roasting sweet potato wedges in the oven, puréeing cooked sweet potatoes into a creamy soup, or shredding lightly cooked sweet potatoes into hashbrowns or latkes.

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