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Expert entertaining: Thanksgiving wine pairings

No matter what you are serving this Thanksgiving, you can find the perfect wine to complement the flavor. Check out these suggestions for Thanksgiving wine pairings. Consider serving both a red and a white wine with the meal, and a different wine to pair with your dessert.

Thanksgiving wine

Pinot Noir with Turkey

A fruity Pinot Noir is the perfect partner for turkey and simple vegetables. Look for a low alcohol Pinot Noir that won’t overpower the food. The great thing about this type of wine is that it is earthy and subtle enough that even those who don’t normally drink wine will enjoy its flavor.

Pinot Noir Under $15: 2006 DeLoach California Pinot Noir ($13)
Pinot Noir Under $30:
2005 Whistling Dog Cellars Anden Vineyard Pinot Noir ($29)

Sauvignon Blanc with stuffing

If you prefer a white wine, you can’t go wrong with Sauvignon Blanc and its citrus-based flavors. Sauvignon Blanc often has herbal undertones, making it a fine choice with stuffing and other Thanksgiving favorites.

Sauvignon Blanc Under $15: 2009 Jean-Marc Villemaine Le Chesneau Touraine Sauvignon Blanc ($13)
Sauvignon Blanc Under $30: 2007 Chalk Hill Sauvignon Blanc ($27)

Beaujolais Nouveau with Ham

Are you serving ham instead of turkey this Thanksgiving? Beaujolais Nouveau should be your wine of choice. A new vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau is released every year on the third Thursday of November — just a week before Thanksgiving. This light-hearted, fruity wine is created in Paris and distributed worldwide. This affordable wine is not meant to be aged — it should be consumed within a year of release. Beaujolais Nouveau is priced under $10 a bottle.

Champagne/Sparkling Wine with starches

Believe it or not, Champagne isn’t just for New Year’s Eve. You can actually serve Champagne or sparkling wine with a meal. Thanksgiving dinner is generally a high starch meal with food such as potatoes, stuffing, corn, and bread. Champagne is the ideal complement to starchy foods and a fantastic palate cleanser, which is terrific with all the different flavors on the Thanksgiving table.

Champagne Under $15: Freixenet Carta Nevada Brut Sparkling Wine ($9)
ChampagneUnder $50: Delamotte Brut Champagne ($40)

Sherry with Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie is a Thanksgiving tradition. Are you wondering what wine to pair with this creamy, spicy dessert? Sherry or tawny port are fantastic options, as they echo the spicy flavors. If you are serving apple pie, consider a Riesling instead.

Sherry Under $30: Osborne Pedro Ximenez 1827 Sherry ($18)
Port Under $30: Warre’s Otima 10-year-old Tawny Port ($26)
Riesling Under $30: 2007 Gunderloch Riesling Kabinett Jean Baptiste ($20)

A holiday recipe made with wine

Cranberry sauce with port wine recipe

Cranberry sauce with port wine is a great side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. You can make this sauce the night before and refrigerate in your serving dish. And, of course, you will have some port left over for your guests after dinner!

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