Food TV: Pastry faux pas

This week’s episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts was brought to you by Project Runway. Bravo had a momentary lapse in judgment, forgetting it no longer produces reputable fashion shows. Next week, Bravo reverts to its originally scheduled programming — desserts. Oh, and as quickly as a collapsing soufflé, Heather C. was in, and now she is out again. (Did we just steal a line from Heidi?)

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills 90210 Degrees

Food Network’s The Next Iron Chef provided another somewhat lowbrow challenge. For the secret ingredient, the chefs were provided coffee and donuts. Seriously? We appreciate the complexity of the coffee bean, but is it really necessary to challenge a handful of the finest chefs in the country to make a dish out of donuts?

But that wasn’t all… The originality of the elimination challenge was jaw dropping. Let’s be original and create a take on an American diner classic — thank you, Top Chef and The Next Food Network Star, for inspiration with this challenge. But, the prediction from last week lives to cook another day: This week, we saw the loss of Mario Pagan, thanks to his fruity meatloaf, although we don’t fault him for using pork belly. Who doesn’t love a bit of pork?

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills Trainwreck

Not to show all our love to the Food Network, but we must give a notable mention to the train wreck that is Private Chefs of Beverly Hills. If you haven’t watched this yet, you are missing a gem — if not for the hilarity of cater waiters but for Chef Stuart alone. Go on, we’ll wait a moment while you Google him.

The season 2 premiere kicked off this past Tuesday. In true style, the chefs were catering a teen birthday. What? You don’t spend thousands on private chefs for your rugrat’s birthday? Shame on you. As you’ll soon learn, these guys also pass as the entertainment, so they are well worth the money.

As you might expect, with Beverly Hills comes celebrities, and what a show stopper the season premiere had: Lorenzo Lamas. Drama ensued when the chefs had to cater the launch of his new motorcycle. Enthralling.

In all seriousness, this show provides an entertaining insight into how private caterers are used and abused, but these chefs aren’t exactly talented. It makes me wonder how a company thinks it can create a reputation with such clowns at the helm.

Happy 100, Chef

Who’d have thought it? Hell’s Kitchen survived 100 episodes. That’s quite a feat for someone who spills as much profanity as Gordon Ramsay, but kudos to you, Chef. In honor of this special occasion, the chefs were tasked with a black-tie affair. You thought we were going to say, Create a meal fit for a centenarian, didn’t you? Actually, that might have been more fun. It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses in this show because it’s not about the contestants, but Ramsay himself. And why not? He does, after all, get to sit at a table with the kids from Glee.

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