Oh, joy: the McDonald's McRib is back

Oct 13, 2010 at 5:37 p.m. ET

The popular McRib is back is returning to McDonald's restaurants on Nov. 2 for a limited time. Why are the McRib's so popular and how unhealthy is it?

McDonald's McRib back in restaurants Nov. 2, 2010

The McRib is back, again.

McDonald's announced that the perennial favorite will be back in restaurants for a limited time, starting Nov. 2.

McRib's Cult-Like Following

The McRib -- which oddly looks nothing like an actual set of ribs -- inspires some oddly obsessive behavior among its fans. The Wall Street Journal reports that at least 300 Facebook groups are devoted to the McRib, some boasting more than 500 members.

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Alan Klein is one such devoted fan. The 28-year-old South Dakota native said his love for the sandwich started as a child. He rekindled his love after a visit to his hometown several years ago.

"[Seeing a McRib billboard] It rekindled my love of McRibs and made me start thinking it would be nice to know where they were," he told the WSJ.

He started KleinCast in 2007 to help fellow fans locate the McRib. Now that's dedication.

It should be called the McFatty

McRib fans can go on for hours about the sandwich – how delicious it tastes, how the sauce is just perfect, how the odd "rib shape" helps it fit perfectly inside a bun.

But, just one glance at the McRib's nutritional information shows just how unhealthy the sandwich really is.

A McDonald's sandwich, unhealthy?

We know, not so hard to believe. For its 7-oz. size, the McRib boasts 500 calories (260 from fat,) 26 grams of fat and 10 grams of saturated fat. It also weighs in with a whopping 980 mg of sodium – almost half of the daily recommended value.

You deserve a mcrib today?

We know that it's not possible, or fun, to always eat healthy – and the McRib isn't a full-time McDonald's menu item anyway. So what's the big deal? Manyof McDonald's sandwiches are just as unhealthy and offered all the time.

So, go out an enjoy the McRib on Nov. 2. Just do so in moderation (and don't say we didn't warn you!).