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5 Great Thanksgiving wines

In many homes, Thanksgiving is mostly about the food, but you can enhance the experience by pairing wine with each course. Serve a few festive wines with your Thanksgiving meal that will taste delicious paired with turkey, potatoes, and all the trimmings.

Thanksgiving wine

5 Best Thanksgiving wines

1Domaine Carneros 2005 Brut Cuvée Sparkling Wine

$25 to $30

Every party needs to start with a Champagne toast, even Thanksgiving, so toast to the holidays with a festive sparkling wine from California. This brut is dry and light which is perfect for before a large meal. The aromas of flowers and baking spices are present in the wine and the flavor is bold and effervescent. Enjoy this with hors d’oeuvres, or appetizers like shellfish, cheese, or a salad.

2Spy Valley Riesling 2009

$15 to $20

This light and slightly sweet wine from New Zealand is perfect as an appetizer or first course wine. It is well balanced with citrus fruit flavors and floral and cinnamon aromas. This Riesling goes down smooth, is medium dry and with vibrant flavors but is still delicate. Serve this wine with a fish, shellfish, or a light pasta dish.

3Georges DuBoeuf Beaujolais-Villages 2009

$15 to $20

To make the switch to reds, a light red is the perfect way to go. Any Beaujolais will pair wonderfully with a third course that may be meat or pasta, but this particular wine from France is well balanced with fruity aromas which make for a delicious pairing. With bright red fruits and cinnamon on the palate, fall is what you get when you sip this red, just right for Thanksgiving.

4Casa Marin Litoral Vineyard Pinot Noir 2006

$35 to $40

Some people may not suggest serving red with turkey, but if you choose something light with low tannins, then it will work great. Pinot Noir is just the red for turkey, light or dark meat, and this red from South America is a good choice. The red berry flavors are bright with just a hint of spice. It also has a nice oakiness from its age which also gives it a nice depth of flavors. Serve this wine with your turkey, potatoes, and all the trimmings for a well-balanced meal.

5Boony Doon Ca’ del Solo Muscat 2008

$15 to $20

To end the meal, go with a white Muscat which is less sweet than the red version. You don’t want anything too sweet if you are also indulging in desserts like pumpkin or apple pie. A Muscat will pair terrifically with desserts, especially this one, which has lots of apple and floral notes. It is also slightly acidic, which makes it a little drier, but very crisp.

Thanksgiving recipes with wine

Cranberry sauce with port wine

Cranberry sauce with port wine is a great side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. You can make this sauce the night before and refrigerate in your serving dish. And, of course, you will have some Port left over for your guests after dinner!

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