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Foodzie: Fab food finds

There are many fabulous artisan food producers out there, but unless you are a jet-setter heading across the country (and world) in search of them, you are probably limited to those in your local area. Or, you were—until now.


Foodzie is a fabulous site where artisan producers can sell their food stuffs to buyers across geographical boundaries. Think of it as Etsy for food.

So, what’s hot on Foodzie? We scoured the site and came up with some fantastic picks. Check these out:

1Peeled Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack

Love dried fruit? Peeled Snacks are a fabulous, natural, no-sugar-added version. Better yet, they are wheat-, gluten- and dairy-free. This includes two packages of each of the five flavors for $19.99.

2Skillet Bacon Jam

Love bacon? Then this sweet-savory jam might just be for you. It’s bacon seasoned with spices and a little sugar and cooked way down. You get three jars for $37.

3The Toffeebox’s White Chocolate Macadamia Toffee

This small batch toffee looks irresistible. It’s packed with almonds, macadamia nuts, and chocolate. YUM! A half-pound box is $12.95.

4Marché Noir Cabernet Rotini

How fabulous is this purplish-tinted rotini? It’s made with cabernet wine flour. A 12-ounce bag sells for $8.95.

5Bravo Farms Western Sage Cheddar

This London World Cheese Award winner combines creamy white cheddar with sage. Slice it up to serve with crackers or melt it into a quesadilla. You get 1.25 pounds for $13.95.

6Rick’s Picks Classic Gift Pack

Rick’s Picks are a New York legend. The flavorful artisanal pickles are made with local produce from New York. This pack includes four 15-ounce jars in varieties including Phat Beets; it’s $39.95.

7Mother-in-Law’s Kimchi Gift Pack

Artisanal kimchi? Oh yes! We hear that kimchi is fabulous for digestion, but beyond that, this traditional Korean condiment is just plain yummy. Two pint jars are $20.

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