The holidays are right around the corner; time to start thinking about your decorations! When it comes to holiday décor, you don't need to stick to the basics of green and red. Instead, mix things up a bit with these holiday decorating trends for 2010.

Vintage pieces

A blending of old and new is always preferred when decorating your home for the holidays. This season, add vintage pieces that have been handed down in your family for generations—or fake it by purchasing items from the flea market or antique shops. Vintage ornaments, wall hangings, clocks, figurines, and other items can add some unique charm to your home during the holidays.

BIG ornaments

A few years ago, the trend was to decorate your tree with tons of very small ornaments. Now things have swung in the completely opposite direction. This year, go big! Hang several very large bulbs on your tree, skip the tinsel and keep the rest of your tree decorations to a minimum. Voluminous Christmas ornaments that are eight inches in diameter or more are your best bet—the bigger the better.

Ready-lit trees

Though pricey, pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are going to be all the rage this year. These trees require very little maintenance and upkeep. They are easy to store and set up. You can find ready-lit trees in every size adorned with clear or multi-colored lights. Pull your pre-lit Christmas tree out of the box and add your own decorations to finish the look.

Unique color schemes

Skip red and green this year and explore new color schemes when creating your tablescapes, decorating your tree, or putting up other holiday decorations. Silver and blue offers a contemporary winter feel, while purple and green offer a regal look.

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Rich textures

When decorating your home this holiday season, don't forget to dress up your couches, chairs, and other furniture. Add throws and pillows and slip in colors with rich textures such as velvet, suede, and faux fur.

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Natural elements

Bring a little bit of nature into your Christmas decorations, and we don't mean just the tree. Create centerpieces, wreaths, and other decor with twigs, pine cones, wood, cotton, and natural materials.

Retro trees

Add a little funk to your holiday with a colorful artificial tree. Go retro with a pink, purple, or candy apple red tree this season. When you have a colored tree instead of a traditional green one, keep the ornaments to a minimum. Just add a few metallic balls and white lights to complete the look. You can find this pink Christmas tree and other color options at

LED Christmas lights

LED lights use less electricity and last longer than their traditional counterparts. According to, you'll save about 90 percent on your electricity by using LED lights. They come in strings, icicles, blinking lights, and more.

Inflatable scenes

That giant inflatable Santa on your lawn needs some friends. When decorating outdoors, select several inflatable characters to make a fun scene.

Themed décor

Pick a theme and stick to it. You can choose anything from a Norman Rockwell Christmas to a Victorian-style Christmas to a Grinch Christmas. Themed décor is hot this season, particularly when decorating outside.

Holiday how-to

How to display holiday cards

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