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Food finds: Sophistimom’s Bake Sale Week

The back-to-school season is in full swing, and with it, the season of school fundraising. Helping mom’s everywhere sneak some style into school bake sales, Sophistimom offers a week full of gorgeous, mouthwatering goodies.

Sophistimom's Lime Rosettes

A Beautiful Take on Bake Sale Week

Every year on her delightsome blog, Sophistimom, Jaime Mormann devotes a week to baked treats that are packable, crave-worthy, and utterly pretty. Called “Bake Sale Week,” this yearly tradition has caught the attention of foodies all over the internet.

“For the first day of Bake Sale Week, I couldn’t help but stick to the tried and true. The favorites of the past two years have been the s’mores bars, the lime bars, and the raspberry lemonade bars. So, to kick off this year, I thought I’d try making a bar cookie with coconut in it,” she writes about this year’s first Bake Sale Week recipe, pineapple coconut bars.

If you’re planning to make a plethora of treats for your own school bake sales, don’t miss Sophistimom’s divine recipes photo’s, and musings. Whether it’s Bake Sale Week, or just your average weekly menu, Sophistimom is always serving up something special.

Photo courtesy of via Jamie Mormann Photography.

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