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Food finds: Tastebudding

With one baby girl and another on the way, Shannon and Jon Yeatman took a good look at their life. It was good. It was really good. But, since becoming parent, things had changed. For instance, they had a new outlook on the importance on health and good food. But, they also had a lot less time to focus on cooking, shopping, and reading about the best foods for their family. So, they decided to do something about it.

Tastebudding Toddlers

A food website for parents

After attempting to muddle through the massive amount of media, research, and advice geared toward parents of young children, the Yeatman’s decided to create a website where parents with similar concerns, worries, and goals could unite and share recipes and food-related information through a supportive community. In 2009, they launched Tastebudding, a website devoted to finding and sharing healthy, kid-friendly recipes.

Tastebudding encourages parents to create a free account and join the community by uploading their own recipes, created with fresh, natural ingredients. The website also offers a discussion forum, where parents can post their food-related questions and recieve feedback from their parent peers.

With the simple goal of turning eating with kids an easy, enjoyable part of parenting, Tastebudding is an online resource most parents will be delighted to discover.

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