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Plan the ultimate ghoul’s night

Girls just want to have fun and what better time to have it than on Halloween? This holiday presents a handful of activities that help you and your girlfriends get into the spirit of the season while catching up and having a blast with each other. So, set a play date and start planning. Here are a few Halloween-inspired themes and ideas guaranteed to make your next ghouls only get together a night worth remembering.

Woman in halloween costume

Glamour ghoul’s night

Are you and your girlfriends dying for a night out on the town this Halloween? Rather than meet up one by one at your destination, invite everyone to your place first to get glam, pose for pictures, and enjoy a drink or two before heading out for the evening. A get together like this is perfect for ladies who need extra help styling their hair and makeup to complement their costume. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to chat and take pictures with one another before squeezing into a noisy, crowded bar.

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Stage a vanity area equipped with makeup, curling irons, straighteners, rollers, and anything else your friends might need to beautify, or spookify, their Halloween look. Adorn this area with spooky chic items such as glittery skulls and spiders, feather boas, and colorful masks.

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Food and drink

Since you will all be busy styling yourselves and each other, you don’t need to prepare a lot of food or drinks. A few finger foods such as shrimp cocktail, bruschetta, or cheese and crackers will be plenty. You can even serve something as simple as cupcakes and a signature creepy cocktail.

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Create glamour ghoul beauty kits to help your guests really get into character. Pack makeup or treat bags with items such as dramatically dark lipstick, fake nails and eyelashes, Halloween-themed nail files, jewelry, and hair accessories.

Movie fright fest

Kick off the spooky season with a movie marathon. Show classics like “Frankenstein,” “Dracula,” or “The Wolf Man,” or modern thrillers like “Halloween,” “Scream,” or “Saw,” or fun flicks like “Hocus Pocus,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” or “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

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Print or purchase screen shots and movie posters from popular horror and Halloween movies. Display these images in frames and standup cutouts throughout the designated viewing space. If you’ll have more guests than available room to sit on furniture, provide pillows and blankets to help guests feel comfortable while sitting on the floor.

Food and drink

Forget about cooking and baking. You can save yourself time and money while sticking to your theme with a collection of classic movie theater snacks such as popcorn, nachos, and candy. Don’t bother playing bartender, either. Offering soda, beer, or serving a single punch gives you the freedom to sit back and enjoy the show.


Send guests home with a bag of flavored popcorn or their very own Halloween soundtrack—a mixed CD packed with music guaranteed to send shivers up their spine.

Pumpkin massacre

There’s a good chance you and your girlfriends already planned on carving pumpkins this year. Why not do it together? Ask friends to bring a pumpkin over to your place and then encourage them to let their creativity run wild. You can award prizes for the best design, funniest face, creepiest carve, and more.

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Whether you choose to carve pumpkins indoors or outdoors, provide plenty of chairs. Clear a large table where guests can get to work and cover it with a plastic tablecloth or newspapers. Also, place trashcans or buckets nearby so guests have a place to discard all of that yucky pumpkin goo. Clear another table or mantle where guests can display their Jack O’ Lanterns once they’ve finished carving them. Enhance this scene with classic Halloween decorations such as cobwebs, caution tape, giant spiders, rubber bats, and gauzy ghosts.

Food and drink

To complement your theme, provide guests with pumpkin-flavored treats to munch on in between carving breaks. For example, pack a table with pumpkin bread, cookies or cakes, mini pumpkin pies, and roasted pumpkin seeds. For a seasonal drink, serve warm apple cider or spiced cider.

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Thank guests for joining you with gifts they can enjoy beyond Halloween such as leaf-shaped cookie cutters or autumn-scented candles.

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