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Retro appetizer recipes

If you’re hosting a cocktail party, take a page out of a cookbook from the ‘50s and serve some updated retro appetizers that your guests will find delightful and would make any housewife proud. Pearls and high heels in the kitchen optional.

Retro deviled eggs

Rethink the flavors of retro recipes

When making retro recipes, you want to be sure to update flavors just a little so you’re not totally stuck in the past. Switch up some of the flavors and make creative variations. Add herbs, spices, or sauces to make something old, new again.

For example, deviled eggs are a great retro recipe that can easily be updated by adding a few different flavors to the mix, like blue cheese and ham or smoked salmon and dill. Just be a little creative and you can turn an old classic into a tasty new dish.


Make retro recipes Healthier

A lot of recipes from the past are pretty unhealthy, with loads of mayonnaise, processed foods, and creamy sauces. Update your favorite retro recipe by making it a little healthier.

Substitute low-fat ingredients for full fat, add loads of vegetables, or go vegetarian instead of loading up with meat. For example, pigs in a blanket are a fun appetizer that can rake in the fat and calories so instead of using hot dogs, use turkey, chicken, or vegetarian dogs and wrap them in whole wheat pizza dough instead of puff pastry. You can even add some vegetables to the mix by wrapping tomato or zucchini strips or cabbage with the pigs.


retro recipes can Go Gourmet

To instantly perk up a classic, add a little gourmet touch. Something as simple as adding a touch of caviar, flavored oil or vinegar, or exotic spice can add new life to a retro recipe. Cheese balls are a great example of this. Use a more gourmet cheese like Brie or Goat cheese and coat with fresh herbs, spices, or chopped nuts.


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