12 Organic snacks you simply must keep on hand

Oct 5, 2010 at 3:41 p.m. ET
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If walking the aisles at the grocery store, looking over products, reading labels and ingredients, sorting through prices per ounce and cost per box, researching a company’s integrity, and trying to purchase healthy snacks that fit in your budget sounds like a recipe for exhaustion, you’re in luck.

Our panel

Pulling together a group of women from all backgrounds – the health nut, the budget conscious, the nut and gluten allergic, the fanatic foodie – we tasted and tested more than 50 organic snacks in an effort to find the ones that are most worth your hard-earned dollar.

Whether you're craving something sweet and chewy, or a snack with some seriously salty crunch, here are the top 12 organic snacks you should always have in your pantry. Each of these products are made by companies dedicated to creating healthy, organic food. Better yet, each one made our list because it tasted so darned good. Addictive, even.

Our panel also took price into consideration, agreeing that each of these products is well worth the retail price. Also, each of these snacks are made with nutritious, consciously harvested ingredients by companies who care. Which will probably sound to you as it did to us, like a recipe for snacks worth keeping on hand. So long as we can keep our hands off of them.


Chewy and cakey, with just enough sweetness to make you feel like you've eaten a hearty pastry, everyone on our testing panel loved these bars for their sweet, wholegrain bite. "Love 'em! Would buy occasionally for a special snack," wrote one taster. Although, don't ask our panel to decide on a favorite flavor. There was an equal split on which was the most delicious: chocolate chip, honey graham, and s'mores. Available from most major grocery retailers.

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