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5 Biodynamic wines to try

Over the past few years biodynamic wine practices have become popular with wineries all over the country. Beyond being 100% organic, biodynamic wines are produced according to ethical and spiritual ecological practices. Here are 5 great biodynamic wines to try.

Biodynamic wines

5 Great Biodynamic WineS to try

2007 Ceago Chardonnay, Del Lago $16

Ceago vineyard in Mendocino County (just above Napa Valley) has been producing wines since 1968 but they have been making biodynamic wines since 1996. The 2007 chardonnay is a great example of what they do; make rich, well-balanced wines that are always well priced. Enjoy this crisp biodynamic white wine with seafood, summer salads, and cheeses.

2007 Frey Vineyards Petite Sirah $15.25

Another biodynamic wine out Mendocino County, this Petite has layers upon layers of flavor. Dark fruits are present as are coffee and just a hint of sweetness and it is highly aromatic. This red has a big bold flavor but when compared to other Petitie Sirahs, it has a lighter more refreshing body. Enjoy this wine with beef, pork, or heartier pasta dishes.

2008 Russian River Valley Zinfandel $20

California seems to have perfected biodynamic wines, so here is another one from Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. This biodynamic red Zinfandel is aromatic with scents of cherry, raspberry, and other red fruits and has the flavor of falls spices. It’s a perfect wine to drink on a crisp fall night with its medium body and long finish. Enjoy this robust biodynamic red wine with heartier seafood dishes, lamb, or to lighten up game meats.

2009 Benziger Grenache Rosé $24

Strawberry, cranberry, and a variety of red fruit flavors are present in this dry rosé biodynamic wine from Sonoma County. This wine is crisp and light and is refreshing enough for a hot summer night or a warm fall evening. It is a balanced biodynamic wine with both acidity and spiciness and it pairs perfectly with spicy food or barbecue fare.

2009 Fig Tree Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc $18

Aged for less than 6 months, this biodynamic wine is surprisingly bold and offers a variety of flavors. The flavors are concentrated on figs and melons yet it also has the faint taste of green apples and the color is a straw yellow. Served with chicken, shellfish, or seafood, this biodynamic white wine is well balanced in acidity yet is crisp enough to enjoy on a fall afternoon.


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