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Chelsea Clinton’s wedding menu features gluten-free wedding cake

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding menu featured a mostly vegan recipes and a gluten-free wedding cake. Do you need to be a former First Daughter to have a green themed Chelsea Clinton wedding menu? Of course not! Eco-awareness and the growing number of people following animal- and gluten-free diets are driving factors in the rise of eco-friendly weddings. Here are some ideas inspired by Chelsea Clinton’s wedding menu, including a gluten-free wedding cake recipe.

Chelsea Clinton's wedding picture

chelsea clinton’s wedding menu mostly vegan, gluten-free

According to the Vegetarian Star, Chelsea Clinton not only eschews meat and dairy, she learned how to cook vegan dishes before she went to college, leaning on the White House cooking staff to help her hone her meat- and gluten-free cooking craft. As a result of her diet preference and allergy to gluten, Chelsea Clinton’s wedding menu, estimated to have cost nearly $750,000, was largely vegan and gluten-free. As a compromise for her meat-eating wedding guests, grass-fed organic beef was also served.

can you afford chelsea clinton’s wedding menu?

Even though Chelsea Clinton’s wedding was a multi-million dollar affair, the average wedding in the US costs around $20,000. For vegan and gluten-free minded couples, that $20,000 can go towards supporting your green lifestyle and the growing number of eco-friendly wedding-related businesses, such as wedding planners, caterers, and even dress makers.

creating a Vegan and gluten-free wedding menu

If you’re like most soon-to-be brides, you will hire a caterer to plan and orchestrate your wedding menu. Seek out wedding caterers that specialize in vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free fare. Regular caterers may do a fine job in modifying wedding recipes to suit your green wedding desires, but the specialized caterers will already have green menu suggestions, ingredients, and facilities that promote the green way of life. Same goes for the wedding cake. Talk to wedding cake experts or bakeries that regularly make vegan and allergen-free wedding cakes.

can you afford chelsea clinton’s Gluten-free wedding cake?

Ranging from $2 to $15 a slice, wedding cakes are a short-lived and often substantial wedding expense. Yet no wedding is complete without a cake, and that includes weddings in which the happy couple is allergic to gluten. And you can bet that Chelsea Clinton’s bold decision to showcase a gluten-free wedding cake at her nuptials will result in more wedding cake bakers offering gluten-free wedding cakes as part of their regular wedding cake options. So thanks to Chelsea Clinton’s gluten-free wedding cake, brides everywhere might have the same option in the near future.

If you decide to bake your own gluten-free wedding cake, be sure to do a test drive with a smaller cake well before your wedding date.

Here is a basic gluten-free yellow cake recipe that will serve 16.

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