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iPhone food apps

When you find yourself famished, just reach for your iPhone. You can find all kinds iPhone food apps available to solve practically any kind of food dilemma. Just push a button and let your iPhone food app do all of the work! There are iPhone food apps designed for every type of food dilemma, and most of them cost under $2.99.

For the TravelleriPhone

The LocalEats iPhone food app is like having your own personal food critic in your back pocket. The application finds the top 100 regional restaurants in the 50 largest cities in the United States. Plug in your address or current location and in seconds you will have the phone number, address and map of the best restaurants in your area. Also worth checking out: UrbanSpoon.

For the Vegetarian

The VegOut Vegetarian Restaurant Guide is a must-have iPhone food app. It allows users to view restaurants all over the world that have a meat-free menu. You can filter the search results of the restaurants to vegan, vegetarian, or vegetarian-friendly. The restaurants have stars to rate their quality, but you need to go to their website to read reviews.

For the Impatient Person

OpenTable is a free iPhone food app that will have you seated with breadsticks in no time. By inputting the time, date, party size and price range, OpenTable will display nearby restaurants with availability. Can’t get any better? Yes it can! This application allows you book your reservation and view a full menu of the restaurant.

For the Generous Tipper

Tipulator calculates a 15% in no time. What if you are with a group of people you ask? No problem. The app allows you to specify how many people are in your party and it automatically splits the cost of tip evenly. Service not so good? You can adjust the tip calculator to anywhere between 0 and 50 percent.

For the Dieter

There are several iPhone food apps for the calorie-conscious that are helpful when dining out.

Calorie Tracker by is more than a calorie tracker, it’s a personal trainer that fits in your purse. The Livestrong iPhone food app not only allows you to track your calories, but also record your fitness regiments and will calculate how many calories you’ve burned.

After burning all those calories, don’t blow it on poor food choices! Fast Food Calorie Counter displays over 6,000 menu items from the top 55 fast food chains in the world. It may have you thinking twice before you indulge in some seemingly healthy items.

For the Homebody

The 170,000+ Recipes-Big Oven iPhone food app is for you! Your family and guests will be impressed with your never ending supply of delicious, succulent recipes. Trying a new recipe is always daunting, but the app provides pictures of what the finished product should look like. Even if you have never gone to culinary school, the food dictionary will define those tricky cooking terms so you can have a beautiful meal on the table in no time.

And every hostess needs a cocktail or two! The Pocket Cocktails Drinks and Wine iPhone food app displays pictures of tempting cocktails, their ingredients, and recipes. Not sure what wine to pair with your dinner? The Pocket Cocktails iPhone food app will display a list of wines to match your meal.

Bon “app”-etit!


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