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Summer fruit smoothie recipes

When it’s boiling hot outside sometimes all you want is a thirst-quenching fruit smoothie. Making delicious, refreshing fruit smoothies is super simple and they even have the bonus of being healthy for you.

Fruit Smoothies

Smoothie Tips

Fresh vs. Frozen Fruit

You can use either fresh or frozen fruit. However, in the summer when fresh fruit abounds, you should take advantage and use as much fresh as possible. Frozen fruit can help thicken the smoothie like ice does, so if you like a thicker smoothie, use half frozen fruit and half fresh.

Ice vs. Ice Cream

To thicken up a smoothie you can of course use ice, but adding too much can water it down. Another good option is ice cream or frozen yogurt, but they can add calories and fat. Regular yogurt also works well. For the perfect balance, use a combination of ice cubes and yogurt.

Juice vs. Milk

There has to be some liquid in the smoothie so it blends well, so fruit juice or low-fat milk are both good options. Using fruit juice will give you additional fruit flavor and using milk will add to the creaminess, the choice is yours.

One Fruit vs. Mixed Fruit

Many people like a few fruits mixed together in a smoothie and some people are purists and just like one type. If you like to mix and match your fruits then go ahead, just be sure to do it in a ratio so you can taste every fruit. Often one fruit overpowers everything else, so taste your fruits first to see if one has a stronger flavor or is sweeter, which may need to be subdued.

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