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How to keep your cool at a summer party

Summertime parties can heat up fast … particularly as the temperatures rise in mid-summer. Here’s how to stay cool.

Ice water with lemons and strawberries

Heading to a summer party? It’s a whole lot of fun to go to summer parties and bask in the sunlight and warmth. But with rising temperatures, it can get pretty hot during all the fun. So, what do you do?
Instead of dripping with sweat and getting uncomfortable, here are some simple, easy and fun ways for you to keep your cool while having an awesome time at your next summer party. Start by dressing smartly: avoid bulky clothes, and instead choose light, airy fabrics that will keep your body cool. What else?

Stay hydrated

When it comes to cooling down, an icy beer or frosty cocktail can be great and very refreshing. While those chilly drinks can be really tasty, they aren’t the best way of staying hydrated at summer parties. Indulge in one or two, and then turn to truly hydrating drinks like water. Water is best to keep you hydrated and cool in the summer. The hot temperatures of summer can make you more prone to dehydration, so drink up.


If you are throwing the party, set out some glass pitchers filled with ice water. Make it a little fancier, and infuse it with flavor, by tossing in some slices of lemon, strawberries or cucumbers.


Fan off

Some hot days are made better by cooling breezes … but there aren’t always breezes to keep you cool. So, what can you do when you’re heading to a party on a stifling, hot summer day when there is no cool wind to take the edge off? There is a really great and easy solution. Simply tuck a fan into your bag if you are heading to a party and whip it out when you need it. You can pick up an inexpensive battery-powered fan at some drugstores and discounters. Or, go old-fashioned (and ultra-cute) with a flip-out hand-fan.
Hosting the party? Check Oriental Trading Company for inexpensive ones for sale in bulk (about $3.50 for a dozen folding fans and $13 for a dozen battery-powered ones).

Spritz yourself

More than a decade ago, spritz bottles of mineral water appeared on the shelves of pharmacies. Perfect for those really hot days, they were intended to be used to spritz the face for an instant cool down. It’s a fabulous idea — and you don’t need to buy a special one for it. Instead, pick up a mini spritz bottle (found in the travel section of the drug store) and fill it with whatever water you prefer (yes, tap water is fine!).

Find some shade

You never know when a summer party may turn into a marathon sun-fest so be prepared. Instead of leaving things up to chance, wear a big, floppy, wide-brimmed hat. It’s fun and it will ensure that you have your own personal shade wherever you go.

Serve up some ice pops

Sure, cakes and cookies are nice hostess gifts. But for summertime, ice pops can be a great, cooling alternative. Pick up some good ones at the grocery store or make your own. Ice pop molds can be purchased at many major retailers including Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and some grocery stories. They’re especially good filled with homemade lemonade.

Be like a kid

Did ya ever notice that kids seem to always stay cool in the summer, one way or another? It’s true! They hop in pools, slide down slippery tracks and more. Bring the kid-like fun with you to your next party by packing some serious fun in the form of squirt guns and water balloons. How much fun would it be to whip out a squirt gun mid-barbecue and surprise the other guests.


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