5 New girls-night-in party themes

Mar 29, 2010 at 3:08 p.m. ET

There’s nothing like a night in with the girls: great stories, non-stop laughter and the comfort of sisterly friends. So ditch the guys for a night and throw a bash with one of these new party themes for a fun and relaxing night in with your girlfriends!

Adult Slumber Party

Dance party

Even if you claim to have two left feet, dancing with your girlfriends can be a blast and alleviate built-up stress. Try the classic movie-inspired dance workout,Dirty Dancing: Official Dance Workout to shake off some pounds and learn authentic choreography from the film. Or, grab a ballroom dancing video and trade off learning the gentleman's and the lady's steps. Not into organized routines? Opt for a belly dancing video or learn some sexy moves from Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease series. Add some karaoke and perhaps a few adult beverages for a fun-filled night!

Beauty-ful party

We all buy things and then later realize it wasn't such a hot purchase. Host a cosmetics trading party where your guests bring skincare and makeup products they no longer use. Set them all out on a table and test each other's products. Everyone is sure to find something they like, so swap products! It's economical and lessens the waste of unused products. You can even do makeovers and take glamour shots of each other!

After the exchange, share your favorite beauty tips and blogs — and shop online for products that weren't brought to the party, splitting shipping costs. Make a few homemade skincare recipes and save them in small jars for each guest to take home. Plus, snack on the ingredients!

'Remember When' slumber party

Remember the good ol' days? Host a party to celebrate the fun times you've had with your girlfriends! Ask everyone to bring their favorite childhood toy, gadget, album or movie (or at least a picture of it), and play 'show and tell'. You'll be reminded of great things like snap bracelets, pogs, and Mash. Also share yearbook photos or scrapbooks of your younger years and the funny stories associated with them. Divulge childhood nicknames – good and bad – and listen to your elementary school's theme song. Then, play classic board games, such as Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Mousetrap and Monopoly. Prepare food that is reminiscent of your upbringing with throwback snacks like Pop Rocks, Dots, Fun Dips, Popsicles and Tang to complete the theme.

Awards show party

Plan your next girls' night around your favorite awards show. Let everyone know this is a red carpet event so they dress to impress! Set up photo-op stations with great backdrops and ask one of your camera-savvy friends to play paparazzi. Sip feminine concoctions gleaned fromHighballs High Heels: A Girls' Guide to Cocktailsduring the show, or make and name your own signature beverages. At the end of the night, ask everyone to vote on the award each diva should win (e.g. Best Supporting Wife in a New Marriage, Best Mother-of-five Grilled Cheese Maker), and make your own mini awards for everyone to take home.

Daring girls party

We all know girls are better than boys... so celebrate this well-known fact by adding to your already abundant knowledge. Pick up The Daring Book for Girls and choose five or six new things to learn with your girlfriends. Go back to your childhood with handclap games, learn to tie knots or a sari, or make a cloth-covered book. This gem is also filled with the rules of card and sports games, instructions for tying your hair up with a pencil and interesting historical information. It may not be life-changing, but you'll have fun adding to your girly repertoire!