Best spring beers

Mar 27, 2010 at 8:53 p.m. ET

After you are finished enjoying your winter lagers and before you indulge in the crisp cold brews of summer, come the light and refreshing springtime beers. Many craft breweries are now producing beers specifically for spring to help transition your taste buds from winter to summer season. Here are six top picks for tasty spring brews.

Springtime Beers

Top 6 Spring Beers

1. Blue Point Spring Fling Ale

A copper ale (you'll love the beer's slight reddish tint) that is a terrific balance of malt and hops with a delightfully smooth finish. A beer that goes down easy, it is characterized by citrus and honey flavors and definitely reminds you of a spring day in the park. Pair it with poultry dishes, cured meats, seafood or spicy dishes.

2. Magic Hat Vinyl

This "scrumptious spring lager" has a deep amber color and a slightly sweet malty flavor. Just released this year, Vinyl has a balanced taste with just the right amount of hoppy flavor and smoothness. It goes best with mild flavored foods, such as grilled white fish and lightly seasoned chicken. As an added bonus, you'll love the "groovy" artwork on the bottle, boasting lots of colors and a spring-like design that looks like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.

3. Samuel Adams Noble Pils

A fairly new beer from Sam Adams, Noble Pils is brewed in the classic Czech pilsner style and exudes a distinct pilsner taste. The main flavors that come through are citrus and honey that partner well with the malt and hops. Try this beer with classic Czech cuisine or soft cheeses and cured meats.

4. Dogfish Head Aprihop

This IPA is brewed with real apricots and is punctuated with fruity flavor. A hoppy and slightly sweet beer, pair it with spicy foods, salads and springtime barbecue for a nice change from the usual backyard brews.

5. Victory Brewing Company Whirlwind Witbier

A cross between a spring and summer brew, this beer is full of flavor and a great interpretation of a classic refreshing white beer. You'll enjoy the spicy undertones and rich finish with just a hint of sweetness. This beer pairs deliciously with pizza, seafood or vegetable dishes.

6. Troegs Flying Mouflan

Only available for a limited time in April, this bold and intense beer is a delicious way to enjoy your spring days. With traces of chocolate, this beer has a luscious mouth feel but is still refreshing enough for warmer weather. Flying Mouflan pairs well with grilled foods, seafood, salads and lighter meat dishes.

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