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5 Useful kitchen gadgets

There are scads of useful (and useless) kitchen gadgets available in department stores, supermarkets, gourmet shops, and online. They all have the purpose of making your cooktime in the kitchen worthwhile. Whether or not they do the job has to do with your own personal cooking style and needs as well as the quality of the products. If you are looking for a few truly useful kitchen gadgets, that won’t end up simply taking over space in your cupboards, check out this handy list of the five best cooking gadgets, from the simple to the extreme, that will make kitchen time more enjoyable.

1. Demy Kitchen Safe Touch Screen Recipe Reader

With this ingenious little device there is no longer a need to use a cookbook that keeps slamming shut nor print recipes offline and subsequently lose them, nor set your computer up in the kitchen
with fear of it getting splashed or damaged. The Demy recipe reader does all of that in an easy to use, compact gadget. Simply sync the Demy with your recipes, by either typing them in or
downloading them from your favorite website, and get cooking. It sits up on your countertop for easy viewing, organizes all of your recipes alphabetically or by cookbook, and resists damage by
liquids, heat, or dirty fingers. It also has useful features like three separate timers, measurement conversions, and a list of ingredient substitutions. This invaluable kitchen gadget holds 2,500
recipes which will keep you cooking – and happily so – for a long time.

For more information:

Demy Kitchen Safe Touch Screen Recipe Reader

2. High Five Smokey the Silencer

How often have you bubbled over, burned, or downright incinerated something on the stove or in the oven that ultimately set off the smoke detector? Aside from opening all of the windows and waving
a kitchen towel under the alarm to stop the ringing, there is little else you can do. Until now. Enter the High Five Smokey the Silencer, a fun little magnetic contraption that you simply link to
your smoke alarm. When the alarm goes off from a cooking mishap, you can press a button and presto, the smoke detector is silenced. As a bonus, Smokey comes with a built in kitchen timer.

For more information:

High Five Smokey the Silencer

3. Sur La Table Silicone Pot Lid Rest

You don’t even have to worry about where to put the lid of a pot when stirring the contents again. Simply clip the lid rest on the side of the pot and it securely holds the lid in place while
you are stirring or checking your dish. Available in a variety of bright colors, this innovative kitchen tool also helps prevent messes on the stovetop or counter, and allows flavorful juices to
drip back into the pot. When you are finished cooking, simply toss it in the dishwasher.

For more information:

Sur La Table Silicone Pot Lid Rest

4. AirDry Wine Glass Dryer

Do you find yourself frustrated that once you’ve sipped your wine and cleaned your wine glasses, you’re left with unsightly streaks and spots. To get crystal clear results, try the
AirDry Wine Glass Dryer, a rack that securely holds up to four glasses by the stem for optimal drying with no streaking, staining or spotting. It even breaks down into a compact ball for easy

For more information:

AirDry Wine Glass Dryer

5. Perfect Pasta Timer

If getting perfect al dente pasta is one of your reigning kitchen issues, the Perfect Pasta Timer is for you. All you do is program the timer based on pasta type, the amount of pasta, and
your preference of al dente or regular, and the timer does the rest. You no longer have to worry about pasta that is unpalatably crunchy or overdone and mushy.

For more information:

Perfect Pasta Timer

A few more must-have kitchen gadgets

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