Glitzy Oscar party tips and recipes

Enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards with your own fun and fabulous Hollywood style party. This year on Sunday, March 7th, all of Hollywood’s elite come together for the biggest red carpet party of the year, giving you the opportunity to host your own Oscar party with star-caliber food, A-list cocktails, and Academy Awards themed games.

Hanging Stars

Oscar party Theme & Decor

The theme for this star-studded event needs to be all about glitz and glamour. Take your guests back in time to pay homage to the classic Hollywood days of Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe and Vivien Leigh.

Oscar decorations: Go all out with sparkly stars strategically placed around your home. Cut out a large Hollywood sign (or buy one online or at a local arts and crafts or costume shop) and tack it up on your wall. Look online for posters of old movies — Some Like it Hot, Casablanca, or Bringing Up Baby – and hang them around.

Get glitzy: Garnish your tables with lots of feathers and rhinestones and use classic flowers like roses or lilies for even more glamour. You can create a beautiful feathery bouquet in a vase with craft store feathers, shiny baubles, and rhinestone-studded ribbon.

Dress the glamorous part: When you invite your guests to your Oscar party, ask them to dress the part to evoke the feel of classic Hollywood. The women can wear feather boas, lots of sparkly accessories, and beautiful formal dresses while the men can suit up with top hats and canes. For even more glamour, have the women do simple and chic up-dos for their hair, decorated with flowers or more feathers. And don’t forget no Hollywood ensemble is complete without huge sunglasses to avoid the paparazzi!

Oscar party Fun & Games

Before the Oscars event even start, have your guests watch the red carpet so they can partake in Oscar-themed games.

Rate a celeb: Have your guests rate each star that walks down the red carpet and at the end of the night vote on best and worst dressed. To make it more interesting, create fun categories like craziest outfit, most glamorous, or best looking couple.

Guess the Academy Awards winners: Start a pool with bets on which celebs will win in each category. (You can print out a ballot from

Commercial break trivia: To keep everyone entertained during commercials, print out photos of old Hollywood movie stars and have your friends see if they can guess who they are. Or have a list of old movie stars and see if your guests can name three movies they were in. You can also include trivia related to this year’s event.

Oscar party Food & Drinks

To get that full Hollywood glamour experience, go old school with classic dishes like a Cobb Salad (which was invented at the most famous Hollywood restaurant ever: Brown Derby). Crab cakes were also a classic dish along with smoked salmon, scallops and caviar, of course.

For dessert try a classic crème brulee or a flourless chocolate cake. You could also have a gourmet popcorn bar with freshly popped popcorn and a variety of toppings like truffle salt, flavored sugar, or caramel. A candy bar with classic movie theater candy can also be fun; stock it with M&M’s, Sno Caps, Jordan Almonds, and licorice.

For beverages, it should be champagne or champagne cocktails all the way. No glamorous Hollywood party will be complete without a few bottles of flowing Champagne. Look for old-style Champagne glasses to complete the classic Hollywood look.

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