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10 seductive foods to get you in the mood

Lovers have sworn over the centuries that tantalizing the taste buds, one of the five senses, can be just as arousing as a tender touch. Nowadays we call this funny little effect an aphrodisiac, meaning a particular food could actually turn you on. You can satisfy your cravings (and your carnal desires) by sampling some of these sensuous foods made for seduction.

It’s not all in your head

Foods have substances that affect the body physiologically, which is why different foods work for different sexual stages, explains clinical sexologist Ava Cadell, Ph.D. “Some foods lower inhibitions, some get the blood flowing directly to the genitalia, and some foods release happy hormones,” she says.

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Here are 10 aphrodisiac foods that are sure to add a seductive spark:

1. Foods with sexy shapes

Image: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Create visual stimulation with foods that look like genitalia, such as oysters, fresh figs, carrots, even avocados. “Anything that is visually erotic is automatically going to set your brain in motion,” suggests Dr. Cadell.

2. Chocolate

Image: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

The rumors are true: Chocolate is the surest way to get in a better mood. Although not an actual aphrodisiac (as the ancient Aztecs believed), chocolate contains phenylethylamine and serotonin — natural feel-good substances believed to evoke the same reaction in the body as falling in love.

3. Raw oysters

Image: Jamie Grill/Getty Images

They may not look pretty, but oysters can pump some passion into your night. High in zinc, which increases sperm and testosterone, oysters also contain the hormone dopamine, known to increase libido.

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