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7 Anti-football Super Bowl party ideas

If the thought of watching one more football game has you dry heaving, take heart. With the Super Bowl comes the end of the gridiron games, at least for a while. If you’re planning a bash, be sure to include some anti-football activities for the guests who are feeling the same way you are right now. Here are seven anti-football Super Bowl party ideas.

Book club

You’ve been to a baby shower where you can’t say “baby,” right? Well, you could certainly incorporate a version of that game at your anti-football Super Bowl party. Simply adorn guests with a bead necklace (with football-shaped beads, perhaps) when they walk in the door and let them know that the word football is banned from the fete. If any guest catches another guest saying the off-limits word, that guest can take her beads. The guest with the most beads at the end of the party wins! (Make sure the prize is entirely unrelated to football — a fabulous bottle of wine, perhaps?)


While the majority of your guests may come to see the game, have a separate party area for guests who just want to chat without being disturbed by raucous shouts from the “crowd.” Set up an intimate seating area with a deck of cards or an electronic game such as Catch Phrase. If the weather allows, set up tables outside along with some fun games such as horseshoes or croquet.


Class up your Super Bowl fete by trading burgers and beer for more upscale fare such as wine, cocktails and appetizers such as mini quiches and bruschetta.



If your anti-football guests like to cook, bring them into the kitchen to help make dessert while everyone else is watching the game. By the time the game ends, everyone can enjoy the beautiful post-game sweet treat.


If most of your book club doesn’t care much for football but their hubbies do, combine your monthly book club with your anti-Super Bowl party. Turn on the tube for the guys, and gather your ladies in a quieter area to discuss the latest page-turner.


Forget the football pool — make a few friendly bets of your own. Invite your anti-football guests to guess which football fan will get the drunkest, which will get the most upset if her team loses and which company/product will have the best Super Bowl commercial.


No matter how anti-Super Bowl you may be, don’t miss the half-time show! Rally your troops at halftime to rejoin the party so everyone can visit for a bit before re-segregating once the third quarter begins. Be sure to join forces again once the game comes to an end so everyone can enjoy the rest of the party together.

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