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Throw a Valentine’s Day bash

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have be only about showing love for your significant other, it can also be an occasion to celebrate all of your meaningful relationships. This year, instead of pairing off and having separate Valentine’s Day celebrations, invite all your friends over (coupled or not) for a festive day of fun, love and food.

Valentine's Day Party at Home

Valentine’s Day Party Fun & Games

Make your Valentine’s Day party a comfortable opportunity for your guests to get to know each other instead of pairing off. Party games are a great way to foster interaction.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt: Set up a love-themed scavenger hunt for items around your home. Strategically place romantic items like candles, perfume and massage oils throughout your house and set your guests on the hunt.

Get To Know You Game: Have your guests play a Valentine’s Day game which can be played with couples or friends to see how well pairs or groups know each other. Have your guests write down two true things and one false thing about themselves, then have everyone guess which is false. This is also a great way to spark a common interest among single friends.

Valentine’s Day party food

Even if your party isn’t encouraging couples to suck face in the corner, your Valentine’s Day menu should be free of offensive foods, such as garlic, onion or blue cheese. You want your guests to enjoy talking to each other.

Opt for fondue and dips, which gather people around a fondue pot or a chips and dips platter. You can also set up a dessert bar with cake, ice cream, or other sweets and lots of toppings.

Valentine’s Day drinks

To avoid being stuck behind the bar mixing drinks, make pitchers of drinks and let your guests serve themselves. You can also make your Valentine’s Day drinks an interactive experience by encouraging guests to make their own cocktails and share the recipes.

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