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Anti-Valentine’s Day party menu

If you are single or just don’t feel “the love”

Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Entertaining tips for an Anti-Valentine’s Day affair

Make it black

The best color for an Anti-Valentine’s Day get together is black. Make black broken hearts with black poster board or construction paper and hang them from the ceiling and on the wall. Then
place lone black candles throughout your home.

One is the loneliest number

Forget the sappy tunes about happy hearts and long, drawn out kisses; make a playlist of anti-love songs about broken hearts and disses. If you’re going to make it a movie night, make
sure all of your flicks have an anti-love, unhappy ending theme.

Love yourself

You and your friends may be single, coming off of a relationship, or keeping a long-standing anti-relationship vow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love or be loved. It does mean you
can make this a night to focus on yourself. You and your girlfriends (and even guy friends) can give each other makeovers and manicures to keep the party fun and light and focused on loving each
other and, most important, loving yourself.

Feast with (sensible) abandon

An Anti-Valentine’s Day party wouldn’t be complete without a buffet of comfort food. Serve a variety of “bad for you” foods like cookies, ice cream and cupcakes, and
“bad for a date” foods like garlic bread or onion dip. Don’t let this anti-love occasion be the ruin of your waistline, however; enjoy your eats in moderation.

It’s okay to be bitter

A delicious yet non-romantic cocktail is also in order for your Anti-Valentine’s Day affair. Try these bitter cocktails
or come up with some of your own.

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