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How to run a football pool

If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party, you’re going to need more than seven-layer dip and a big screen (although those are great places to start!). Why not organize a football pool for the big game? It’s not as hard as you think, and guests will like the friendly competition that ensues. Bet with cleanup duty or funny tasks, like a Super Bowl commercial reenactment!

Superbowl betting pool


Create a 10-square-by-10 square grid. You can do this on a sheet of notebook paper, but if you want to get fancy, get some poster board and glitter. A nice-looking pool board can be great
decoration for your party. Write one team’s name above the grid and the other team’s name down the left-hand side.


Place numbers zero through nine randomly ordered along the top of the grid above each box. Do the same down the side next to each box. Each box now represents the last digits in the score. For
example, if the score is 11 to 17, the box that matches up one and seven from the appropriate teams wins.

Allot squares

If you’re using clean up duty as an incentive for the winner, break your party into groups of guests and let them pick their team names. Then randomly assign team names to the squares.


Announce the winners with huge drumrolls and fanfare. If kids are involved, give a little football-related prize to everyone who bet. Losers, sorry, but you’ve got clean up duty!

Happy hosting this year. Go team!

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