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Kid-friendly New Year’s party

If you are planning on staying in this New Year’s Eve with your kids, there’s no reason to miss out on the evening’s fun as a family. Here are some kid-friendly New Year’s party tips and recipes for mocktails and fun finger food.

New Years Eve Kids

Kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party tips

1. Treat the kids to kiddie cocktails

Sure, you can simply serve sparkling cider or grape juice for the kids on New Year’s Eve, but why not make it more festive and “mix” them up a mocktail. The fruity cocktails
you’re mixing for yourself can easily be made “virgin” for the kids. If you want to make it more special (and to distinguish your drink from the nonalcoholic versions), make
something just for them.

2. Make creative mocktails

By combining a few of their favorite fruit juices with sparkling cider, sparkling grape juice, tonic, club soda or ginger ale, your kids can enjoy a “champagne” toast as well. Garnish
their drink just like you would your own, with an orange slice or a cherry on top.

3. Use the kids’ regular drinkware

To serve, forget the cocktail glasses and stick to the kids’ regular drinkware. This will distinguish adult drinks from kid drinks and there will be less of a chance of spilling if the kids
drink from cups or glasses they normally use. If your kids are old enough, prepare their drink in a large punch bowl and let them serve themselves in cups you’d use for a kids’ party.

4. Serve fun finger food

As for the food, prepare a few of the kids’ favorite dishes as well as some of your own. Mini macaroni and cheese cups a great idea as are mini hot dogs, tortellini with ranch dip, chicken
fingers, mini pizzas, and mini PB&J or Nutella sandwiches. If you want to go a little more gourmet, cheese or chocolate fondue is always a crowd pleaser. You can even do satay or kebabs. The
best part? All of these nibbles are adult-friendly.

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