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8 Simple place card ideas

Hosting a holiday get-together is no small feat. Once you get your outfit and menu out of the way, you realize the devil is in all those seemingly minor details. Have you thought about your place cards for this year’s festivities? Here’s some ideas to make them unique — and memorable!

Christmas Ornament Place Card

1. Did someone say “candy”?

Attach a gift tag to a candy cane with decorative ribbon. Put one at each place setting with each person’s name on it. This makes the table look festive and colorful for a nice, cheap price!

2. Charity begins at home

Consider using $10 charity gift cards from as place cards. Charity gift cards are good for everyone: They allow
the giver to give a meaningful, eco-friendly, tax-deductible gift, and the recipient gets to choose a cause that she cares about from more than 150 well known charities. Best of all, the charity
and those it serves gets much-needed funds to further its causes.

3. Fun for the kids

If kids will attend your holiday party, or even if the party is kid-centric, consider a place card theme with which they are especially familiar. Write each child’s name on his own mini-chalkboard
— and leave the chalk at the children’s place settings for added fun!

4. Frame the fun

Family celebrations are all about capturing memories. For each guest, place a photo of her from a past celebration in a tiny frame. You might even make this a yearly tradition!

5. A touch of pine

Create a scene of the season: Attach a tiny pine cone to each place card. It’s affordable, easy to find, and will add a lovely seasonal scent.

6. Sweet memories

We all deserve a little extra indulgence during this season. For each of your guests, bake a cookie and write her name in the icing.

7. Forever our guest

Make each of your guests feel special by placing an ornament at his seat with his name printed on it. If he’s participating in tree-trimming fun, he can add his own ornament to the tree as a
permanent reminder of sharing the holiday with you.

8. Coasting to clean

Gently remind your guests to not leave beverage rings on the table and make them feel welcome all at the same time with personalized coasters that double as place cards.

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