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The best Thanksgiving leftover recipes

Whether you can’t get enough of Thanksgiving or tend to dread Thanksgiving leftovers, you can turn what’s left of your Turkey Day feast into deliciously different dishes that will feed your appreciation of the holiday of thanks.

Thanksgiving sandwich

Instead of just reheating and eating, turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into completely different dishes. From breakfast to lunch to creative dessert ideas, choose one of these fun ideas for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Give thanks for breakfast

Start the day with a Thanksgiving leftover breakfast meal; try a turkey burrito, turkey scramble or turkey vegetable hash. Cranberry sauce can be used in muffins or simply spread on warm croissants or bagels in the morning.

Leftover turkey transformations

Leftover turkey can be included in casseroles, soups, potpies, shepherd’s pie and sandwiches, or tossed with pasta, rice or another grain. For an ultra-indulgent meal, turkey can be battered and deep-fried; for a lighter take, saute turkey with vegetables.

Next-day desserts

Sometimes one more piece of pie is too much. Instead, use the pumpkin pie filling to make a brulee or spoon warm apple pie filling over ice cream.

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