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7 Fixes for holiday food disasters

Sweet Bread Pudding

Holiday food disaster #5: The bread won’t break

One of your kids untied the bread bag and you now have stale bread or rolls that you wouldn’t feed the birds for fear they’d hurt their beaks. Don’t fret: Believe it or not, stale
bread is actually very versatile.

Food fix #5: Soften or transform

If the bread isn’t so hard that it would do damage if thrown, simply rub the outside with water, put it in a paper bag and place it in a 350 degree F. oven for 10 minutes — it should soften
right up. For tougher bread, coarsely chop it and use for stuffing. Another delicious use for day-old or dry bread is bread pudding. You can make a scrumptious bread pudding with onions, mushrooms
and herbs as a savory side dish, or you can transform bread cubes into a rich, dense sweet bread pudding for dessert or breakfast the next morning.

Three simple bread pudding recipes

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