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7 Fixes for holiday food disasters

warm winter squash toss

Holiday food disaster #4: Waning winter squash

You underestimated your purchase of acorn and butternut squash and don’t have enough to roast as a side dish and you don’t have time to run back to the store. You can roast slices of
sweet potatoes and serve them alongside or you can turn winter squash into a warm salad.

Food fix #4: Make a warm winter squash toss

Slice and roast squash as planned then cut into bite-sized chunks. Saute apple and pear slices in a little butter, ground cinnamon and minced ginger. In a large bowl, combine squash, fruit,
raisins, and the juice and grated zest of an orange. Adjust seasoning and serve.

Or serve winter squash for dessert!

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