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7 Fixes for holiday food disasters

Even after you’ve painstakingly planned your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, you’re in the final throes of getting it to the table only to realize your turkey is dry, the rolls are hard as rocks, you’ve overcooked your vegetables, or you are short on the after dinner dessert and drink. As much as you’d like to sneak out the backdoor and run quickly from your impending kitchen doom, you’ve got guests to feed, and the truth is you really can recover from the seemingly worst of culinary conundrums. We’ve got seven fast food fixes for your holiday meal to rescue the errant entrée, substandard side dish, or disastrous dessert. (Tape this article to the inside of a kitchen cabinet!)

Sliced Turkey with Sauce

Holiday food disaster #1: Traumatized turkey

Whether you’ve over-roasted a turkey or incorrectly braised a leg of lamb, dry meat can seem the ruin of a holiday get together. However, instead of hanging your head and bringing a platter
of stringy meat to the table, proudly present it with a rich, flavorful sauce.

Food fix #1: Sauce it

Slice turkey, beef or lamb and artfully arrange it on a serving platter. In a saucepan over medium low heat, whisk together equal amounts melted butter and stock or juices from the roasting pan.
Drizzle warmed sauce over meat and place in the oven at low heat to allow the juices to seep in. Garnish with fresh herbs and serve. Maybe it isn’t the prize presentation you had planned, but
at least your guests won’t be gacking on a piece of dry meat.

Turkey tip: Try Sandra Lee’s Truly Terrific Roasted Turkey

Next mishap: overdone vegetables

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