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HAPPYBABY: Organic baby food recipes

Being a green parent is more than just a short-lived fad movement. Raising your family on organic foods, in organic clothes and with other organic products is actually one of the best ways to foster a healthy family lifestyle that delivers long-lasting benefits. Despite the desire to go green, however, parents are easily overwhelmed with the many eco-choices and tidbits of conflicting information about going green. The recently released HAPPYBABY: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 Months (Harper, September 2009) is a green-centric guide that can help clear up confusion and give eco-parents an invaluable resource for rearing their newborns and toddlers. To give you a tasty preview, here’s more on the book and two organic baby food recipes featured in HAPPYBABY.

Happy BabyHAPPYBABY offers a proactive
approach to your baby’s health

Prevention is the key to protecting your baby from childhood illnesses and even adult-onset diseases. Dr Robert Sears, well-known pediatrician and co-author of HAPPYBABY, says “We
wrote this book because we want to share with you how to make the daunting task of protecting Baby a little simpler. Becoming a more health-conscious parent takes effort, but HAPPYBABY
will organize and prioritize it for you in a way that will allow you to succeed.”

Drawing on the latest research, the best nutrition and real clinical experience with countless moms, Dr Sears and the team at the company HAPPYBABY offer a clear plan for green families to
incorporate life changes during the most confounding — yet most crucial — time of Baby’s life: the first two years. “The residual benefit of a simpler, more eco-friendly lifestyle for
[the whole family] is profound,” says Shazi Visram, founder and CEO of HAPPYBABY.

In addition to healthy organic recipes, HAPPYBABY delivers information on proper breastfeeding nutrition, post-pregnancy stress, managing immunization schedules, creating the eco-friendly
home, avoiding environmental toxins, and tips to teach caregivers to be health-conscious with your children in your absence. Starting at Baby’s day 1 and going beyond the two year birthday,
this book is an invaluable resource for parents striving to raise a healthy green family.

HAPPYBABY is more than a book

Founded on Mother’s Day in 2006, the company HAPPYBABY has become the leading brand of premium organic meals for babies and toddlers. From HAPPYBELLIES, which are DHA- and probiotic-fortified
organic cereals, to HAPPYBITES, handheld organic toddler/kids meals with hidden veggies, HAPPYBABY delivers snacks and meals that you can feel good about serving to your tots.

In the HAPPYBABY book, you can find coupons for the HAPPYBABY product line as well as for other participating eco-companies, such as iPlay clothes, KIWI magazine, My Gym, Seventh
Generation, Stroller Strides, First Juice, and Dr Weil Baby. If you can’t find HAPPYBABY products at your local supermarket or whole foods store, ask the manager to consider carrying them;
most managers are happy to accommodate.

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