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How to get great-tasting water

Good ol’ H2O is one of the best things you can give your body. In fact, it’s recommended to drink six to eight eight-ounces glasses of water a day. If you’re drinking that much, you certainly want to make sure that water tastes great, right? Here are some simple ways to ensure your water is delicious.

Woman with Cup of WaterStep 1: Start with

Keep it cold! You don’t have to have filtered or bottled water to ensure you’re drinking great-tasting water. In fact, most tap water is perfectly fine to drink, but it’s much better cold! Keep a
pitcher in the fridge to whet your whistle.

Step 2: Filter the water

Invest in a filtration system for your faucet such as the Filtrete water filtration system, which reduces sediment, parasitic cysts, chlorine taste and odor from the tap.

Step 3: Purify the water

Buy a water-purifying pitcher, such as a Brita water purifier, that will filter ordinary tap water into clean, purified drinking water.

Step 4: Give it hint of flavor

If plain ol’ water is just too, well, plain, for you, try adding some zing with a spritz of lemon, lime or orange, a slice of cucumber or even a few cherries.

Step 5: Consider flavor packs

If you really want to sweeten your water, there are a myriad of powered flavor packs that can add a punch of taste to your water without adding a ton of calories.

Step 6: Add special ice cubes

Try adding some flavored ice cubes to your water. Freeze lemonade into ice cube trays and drop a few into your glass of water.

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