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How to keep kitchen clutter under control

The kitchen is one of the most popular places in your home and it’s the place where you prepare all your meals, so you want to make sure it’s both clean and clutter-free! Here’s how to keep the kitchen looking great without too much fuss.

Woman in Clean KitchenStep 1: Make the most
of your counter space

To avoid having your countertops look cluttered, make sure everything that is not kitchen-essential is moved out of that room. Instead of just putting bananas on the counter, find a great banana
hook or three-tiered platter that you can display fruit on without taking up added countertop area.

Step 2: Create storage areas

Don’t just drop your keys, wallet and cell phone on the counter when you come home from a long day. Hang an organizer shelf on one wall and store those items there until you need them again.

Step 3: Utilize technology

Posting coupons all over the fridge is a great way to ensure you’ll see them every day, but it doesn’t make for a streamlined look. Invest in an inexpensive coupon box or plastic envelope and refer
to it when you are making your grocery list.

Step 4: Clean as you go

Don’t allow dishes to pile up in the sink — put them straight into the dishwasher or hand wash the items you’ve used and put them on a drying rack or hand dry them immediately. If you have
company, of course, wait until the party’s over to get to the dirty work.

Step 5: Hide unnecessary items

Though accessories like spice racks and utensil caddies are designed to be part of your kitchen decor these days, try to limit the number of accessories and small appliances (such as coffeemakers,
automatic can openers, juicers, etc.) that sit out on your counter. Keep these items in cabinets or your pantry and pull them out only when you need them.

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