Greek cheese appetizers

If you’re in the mood for a cheese appetizer this summer but don’t want anything too heavy, Greek cheeses are a perfect nibble. Greek cheeses are light and fruity and make tasty appetizers for summer cocktail parties or simple, satisfying snacks.

Feta Cheese Appetizer

Fabulous Greek cheeses


Feta, made from goat or sheep’s milk cheese, is probably the most well known of all Greek cheeses. Slightly salty with a hint of sweet, feta can be eaten in many mouthwatering ways.
For a simple, satisfying appetizer, place feta on a plate, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with oregano.


Kasseri is a semi-hard cheese made of sheep’s milk that is typically eaten as a table cheese. Slightly resembling Parmesan in texture, this mildly sharp flavored cheese is a real
treat when eaten in chunks with a good glass of red wine.


Haloumi is a traditional Greek cheese originating in Cyprus that is made of a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milks. It is slightly salty and is usually semi-soft, similar to fresh
mozzarella. It will, however, become hard, if aged. To serve as an appetizer, haloumi can be sliced and grilled or fried, or eaten fresh garnished with mint.


Manouri, a soft cheese with a texture between yogurt and cottage cheese, is made from goat’s or sheep’s milk. This cheese is usually unsalted, making it a perfect complement for
crackers topped with chopped olives and anchovies. Manouri is also quite good simply sprinkled with a bit of kosher or sea salt.

Anthotyro Xero

Anthotyro xero, made from goat’s or sheep’s milk, is hard in texture and very smooth. Anthotyro has a bold cheese flavor with a hint of herbs and flowers. It can also exude a mild smoky
flavor. As an appetizer, anthotyro can be eaten with honey and fruit or extra-virgin olive oil and fresh herbs.

When the need for a light summer appetizer arises, consider a simple Greek cheese nibble paired with a glass of your favorite wine or, traditionally, a glass of Greek ouzo.

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