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8 Organic products you need in your kitchen today

Organic living goes way beyond what you put in your mouth. If you are seeking a more organic way of life, why not start in the kitchen? Here we present eight products without which no organic kitchen is complete.

Green KitchenOrganic dishware

Serve your finest organic meals on cool organic and biodegradable plates such as those from VerTerra that are made from fallen leaves! VerTerra collects, sterilizes, steams and presses leaves from
palm trees that are organically grown in India. No glues, chemicals or bonding agents are used, and more than 80 percent of the water used to produce the dishware is recycled.

Organic kitchen soap

Green Apple Kitchen employs master soapmakers to make USDA-certified organic kitchen soaps in scents such as rosemary, lavender and lemongrass. They are made with a hypoallergenic vegetable base or
organic oils and botanical extracts, and then scented with natural aromatherapy essential oils.

SoyQuick Soy Milk Maker

If you are an organic soymilk junkie, you can’t live without a soymilk maker. Select one like the stainless steel SoyQuick Soy Milk Maker that is completely automated and allows you to make a
variety of fresh organic milks quickly.

Organic tablecloths

Check out for organic hemp and certified French linen tablecloths to dress up your kitchen table. They are designed to mimic historic linen French and Irish tablecloths, are chemical
free and are not made in sweatshops. The website also offers organic hand towels, aprons, napkins and placemats.

Organic cotton market bag

Made from 100 percent organic cotton, these organic cotton crocheted mesh market bags are easy to store and bring to the grocery store. They carry heavy loads and are machine washable. Check out
the one at, available in several colors for $9.00.


Check out organic cookware such as the line from La Chamba. Made of black clay from central Columbia, it can be used in the oven and microwave, and on the stovetop. No toxins or glazes are used to
produce La Chamba’s cookware and tableware, and the clay does not contain lead.

Food mill

A stainless steel food mill is an organic kitchen’s best friend. Chose one with a stainless steel bowl that works for hot and cold foods and won’t stain. Generally, there are several sizes of
grinding discs; try to find one that comes with fine, medium and coarse discs. The fine disc works for homemade jellies and jams, cream sauces and baby food. The medium disc is for things like
applesauce and vegetable soup, and the coarse disc is ideal for mashed potatoes and chunky sauces. 

Cleaning products

Seventh Generation has an extensive line of natural cleaning products, including all-purpose cleaner, glass and surface cleaner and kitchen cleaner. You can feel good using their napkins, paper
towels and trash bags, too, knowing they are 100 percent recycled.

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