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Philly cheesesteak recipes

Philly-style cheesesteaks with tender meat and gooey cheese sauce make a delicious and simple dinner. They don’t even have to be greasy to be tasty. Add some vegetables, use lean meat and low-fat cheese, and you’ve got a mouthwateringly healthy Philly cheesesteak meal. Sink your teeth into these cheesesteak recipes and tips.

Philly Cheese Steak

Tips for the best Philly-style cheesesteaks

1. Go for a soft roll

A good Italian soft roll makes the best cheesesteak sandwich. If unavailable, choose another soft textured bun.

2. Use tender, juicy meat

The meat is the most important part of the cheesesteak, so you want to choose meat that is going to stay very tender and juicy. Good options include the rib eye or choice top round beef. You can
use lean or extra-lean to keep the fat and calories down, but keep in mind that the more fat a steak has, the juicier it will be.

3. Slice it thin

Before you begin to cook the meat you want to slice it thin in order for it to cook quickly and stay tender.

4. Choose a gooey cheese

A real Philly cheesesteak uses ‘whiz’ or processed cheese sauce. However, you can just as easily use provolone, American, or mozzarella cheese slices. Processed cheese
sauce can be high in sodium and calories so if you are trying to stay healthy, a slice or two of provolone, American, or mozzarella is your best choice. You can either melt the cheese
beforehand (in the microwave for a few seconds) or let it melt on the sandwich from the heat from the meat and vegetables.

5. Don’t forget the tasty extras

Onions and peppers (hot or sweet) are a classic Philly cheesesteak staple. But you can cater to your tastes by using sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini slices, or any other vegetable. As an
added nutritional bonus, vegetables will add texture and low-calorie bulk. Steam or sauté the vegetables in just a little olive oil and keep them thinly sliced so they will be easier to eat
on the sandwich.

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