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Mango recipes for sweet summer meals

Mangoes are one of summer’s most delicious, juicy and sweet fruits. Blended into a breakfast smoothie, featured in a luncheon salad or dinner entrée, or showcased in a scintillating dessert, mangoes can be a part of any summer meal.

Mango Slices

It’s mango season

Because mangoes are grown in tropical climates, they are available most of the year. However, May through August is a peak time for the sweetest, juiciest picks.

How to choose mangoes

Choose mangoes based on their fruity smell and softness. Color is not a good indicator of ripeness since most varieties of mangoes range from green to orange to red. Firm mangoes aren’t yet
ready to eat – keep them for a few days until they get softer. Fairly soft mangoes are ready to eat right away. If they are on the mushy side, cook with them.

Proper storage for mangoes

Ripen firm mangoes at room temperature in a paper bag. Do not refrigerate mangoes unless they are already ripe. Ripe mangoes will last about five days refrigerated.

Cutting a mango

Cutting a mango is simple and similar to cutting an avocado. Lay mango on its side and slice lengthwise close to the halfway point; you’ll be cutting along the large seed. Move your knife
over slightly and slice again, along the other side of the seed. To dice, use the tip of your knife to deeply score each half into a grid. Invert the half, pushing the diced flesh forward and
outward, then use the knife to slice from peel. To slice, follow directions to half the mango, deeply score flesh lengthwise instead of into a grid, then use a knife or large
spoon to scoop slices out. 

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