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Chilled summer soups

Though a hot mug of soup is most popular when the weather turns cold, chilled summer soups are a refreshing addition to your cool summer fare. Made with seasonal summer fruits and vegetables, a bowl of chilled soup is the perfect meal to beat the heat. Chilled soups at dinner are even better the next day for a quick and luscious lunch.

Cantelope Soup

Tips for chilled soups

1. Choose the freshest ingredients

The flavors of foods, when eaten cold, tend to be hidden, making it imperative that you start with the freshest, most flavorful ingredients. Fresh herbs, ripe sweet fruit, and just-picked
vegetables will make the most satisfying chilled soups.

2. Season well

Season your chilled soup while you prepare it, keeping in mind that the final product will be chilled and that some of the flavors may be masked.

3. Make ahead

Most chilled soups will taste better if made a few hours or even a day or two in advance. This gives the flavors time to marry.

4. Enjoy immediately

Of course, if you can’t wait, your soup can be prepared and eaten right away. To chill the soup without watering it down, add a handful of ice cubes in place of some of the liquid.

5. Serve creatively

Be creative in how you serve your chilled soup. Martini or wine glasses are impressive for a first course, while a shot glass is fun for a cocktail party appetizer. Chill your bowls or glasses
before adding the soup to keep it nice and cold.

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