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Summer breakfast recipes

When it’s bikini season, a carb-heavy breakfast like waffles, pancakes or bagels is a potential diet disaster. Wearing a skimpy bathing suit and feeling your best requires lighter, healthier foods that are also delicious and satisfying. The following bikini body breakfast tips and recipes will fill you up without filling you out and ensure you keep that beach-worthy physique.

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Seven Tips For Healthy Summer Breakfasts

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

It seems logical to skip breakfast when you know you’ll be baring a lot of skin. In the short-term, you see it as a fast-fix to avoid looking bloated. However, in the long-run, you could actually be doing your waistline more detriment; when lunch comes around you will be famished and probably eat more than you normally would. Another downside to skipping the most important meal of the day: You won’t have enough energy to enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, and flirting with those cute surfers!

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2. Enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie

A fruit smoothie is not only refreshingly delicious, it also provides a bounty of nutrients. With every sip, you get calcium and protein from the milk or yogurt and a boost of antioxidants from the fruit. Even better, smoothies won’t weigh you down, so you’ll have lots of energy to have fun in the sun.

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3. Add sparkle to your juice

Without even adding alcohol, you can have a delicious fruity mimosa with your morning meal. Simply add some sparkling water to your favorite juice (100 percent juice, of course!). You will not only get a refreshing beverage, you will also end up drinking fewer calories per glass.

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4. Fill up on fruit

There is no better time than summer to take advantage of juicy, fresh-picked fruit. Use a variety of sweet pickings to top hot or cold cereals, mix with yogurt, or make a fresh fruit salad (make it with grilled fruit for a real treat).

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5. Bake a quiche

A healthy and quick breakfast option is to bake a quiche. You can prepare it the night before and reheat it in the morning. You can make a light quiche by mixing eggs with summer vegetables, a modest amount of cheese, and milk for the perfect healthy meal. For an even lighter option, make it crust-free.

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6. Be daring with dairy

Yogurt and cottage cheese are good healthy options for summer breakfasts. There are many luscious flavors of yogurt and different brands of cottage cheese that are ideal for culinary experimentation. Top them with fresh fruit and granola, dried fruit and nuts, or high-fiber cereal, or make a breakfast parfait to enjoy the tasty contrasting textures.

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7. Make healthy mini-muffins

Giant bakery muffins pack hundreds of calories and can’t help but be fattening. However, healthy homemade mini-muffins that feature summer’s fresh fruit can be just as satisfying and have far fewer calories and grams of fat.

Banana Chocolate Chip Mini-Muffins

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