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Father’s Day recipes for lunch

Your dad, he’s the one you call when anything needs fixing, painting or lifting. This year for Father’s Day, don’t let your dad lift a thing, except a fork when you prepare a thoughtful lunch full of his favorite foods. Celebrate Dad’s special day with these Father’s Day lunch tips and tasty treats.

Father's Day Lunch

Tips to plan Father’s Day lunch

1. Start with a theme

Whether your dad is a golfer, football fanatic, baseball fan or fishing nut, center your celebration around his favorite activity or hobby. Create a menu, give gifts, and decorate the table with the chosen theme in mind.

2. Decorate for Dad

You don’t want to make the table to frou frou for your dad, but you want it too look like tons of effort was put into it. Steer clear of using flowers as a centerpiece (unless your dad is particularly fond of a certain type of plant) and instead fill a vase with golf balls (that your dad can use later) or fill a clear glass bowl with fish (that your dad can keep). If possible, coordinate the centerpiece with the gift you will be giving.

3. Make a mouthwatering Father’s Day lunch menu

Depending on your theme, you can create a menu surrounding it. If your Father’s Day celebration is a baseball-themed party, have hot dogs, soft pretzels, and peanuts (they can also be put in a bucket and used as a centerpiece). If your dad loves to fish, create a menu around fresh fish and seafood dishes. You can even create a tailgating menu if your dad is an avid football fan.

4. Plan activities for Dad

If there is time (or on a another day) take your dad to play (or watch) his favorite sport or take him someplace where he can enjoy his favorite hobby (like a train museum or fishing). Also, as another gift, do things around the house that your dad would normally do, like mowing the lawn, raking the leaves or washing the car.

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