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Cucumber mojito and other summer cocktails

As the weather heats up, lighter summer cocktails, like a cool cucumber mojito, are a popular and refreshing poolside choice. Heavy winter drinks have fallen out of favor and those cool mint, cucumber and citrus drinks are simply irresistible in the summer heat. Here are a few sensational summer cocktail tips and recipes that will have you wishing the summer would never end.

Cucumber CocktailTips for sensational summer

Cocktail tip #1: Use fresh ingredients

There is nothing like freshly squeezed juice on a sweltering summer day, and it is even better when squeezed into a cocktail. Squeezing oranges, lemons and limes is a natural, but if you have a
juicer, you can make any fresh summer fruit into a juice. In addition to the fresh juice, fresh mint, fresh cucumbers and fresh berries can become delectable little garnishes. Avoid
canned or bottled juices for summertime drinks since they tend to be heavy and syrupy.

Cocktail tip #2: Choose lighter liquors

White rum is the quintessential summer liquor, but gin is also a great option because it is light and pairs perfectly with tonic and citrus. White tequila is another good choice.

Cocktail tip #3: Make simple syrup

Simple syrups are a good substitute for pure sugar because syrups dissolve more easily. You can make your own simple syrup by combining water and sugar in a one to one ratio and heating on the
stovetop until the sugar is dissolved. You can also infuse the syrup by adding mint or other herbs, citrus peel, lemongrass or other favored flavors.

Cocktail tip #4: Get creative

Instead of sticking to one, combine a few different fresh or fruity flavors in one drink. For example, make a signature summer cocktail by mixing watermelon and mint or cucumber and thyme (fresh
herbs work wonders in drinks!). You can also get creative by updating classic drinks with new flavors. Make margaritas with pomegranate juice or mojitos with basil instead of mint.

The more unique your summer cocktails, the more memorable your summer fun will be.

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